Covenant Day of Marital Breakthrough: Engaging the breakthrough power of the word pt3C- Israel Oyebanji


cross section of worshippers. Canaanland Ota

Joshua 5:9 the best discovery in life is self discovery. You need to discover yourself, what God has said about you and how to enter into it. When you discover what God created you for, everything becomes simple.

What you are going through right now is just a passage; you will eventually get past it. Redemption takes us to the class of giants. If you don’t know where you are going, every other place will look like the place. Don’t ever people look down on you, where you are now is just a starting point.

The word of God is the way to the top. The reason most of us are struggling is because we don’t know the way. The word of God is the most durable authentic and reliable picture of our future.

The power of the word is the power of the HolyGhost; it quickens us. Psalm 119:105 God has created us to be at the top. God’s word shows you where to go and what not to do. When you are stagnant God is not happy because that does not reflect God’s glory.

When you are ready to do what the  word of God says you are ready for the top. Our lives must reflect the beauty of God

What is in the Word of God?

  • The word of God is the power to get wealth– Deuteronomy 8:18 if you don’t want things to be tight for you, you must remember God. You must be ready to follow the word of God; everything is not free. If you want to move from one financial level to another, increase your giving, Psalm 112:1-3
  • It is the way to all things that makes for life and Godliness- 2 Peter 1:3 all things are loaded in the word of God that is why we must joke with the word of God, Isaiah 32:17-18.

Kingdom service is what guarentees the blessings of God, Exodus 23:25-26


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