Engaging the breakthrough power of the word- Israel Oyebanji 


Israel Oyebanji

What you don’t start you don’t finish. When you don’t take control you lose control therefore, you must take charge of every situation- in this month new month of February. Genesis 26:1-14

No matter the situation or circumstances around your life, they will bow to the word, Gensis 1:1, Romans 1:16. The word of God carries power; any time you release the word its like a bomb, it scatters things that are not meant to be. John 1:1 it takes power to rule and power comes by the word. The circumstances around your life are waiting for the word to scatter. It takes the word of God to dominate; once you have the word of God everything bows to you. Anything you declare is what can clear. Don’t be afraid that if you declare the word of God you won’t see it because it is the power of God in His word that performs it. Your mouth is your access to the presence of God, when you declare the word of God you gain access to His presence Proverbs 18:21. What you declare concerning your life is what you will see. The power in God’s word gives you the capacity to dominate over situations and circumstances of life, therefore the amount of the word you have in you determines the level of power you have to dominate and rule over the challenges of life.

When God speaks, He doesn’t speak according to man’s capacity but according to His capacity.

What is in the word of God that makes it Powerful?

Jesus employed the power in the word to overcome satan when He was tempted,Matthew 4:1-14. We have the weapon of the word to overcome satan. Locate God’s word concerning that situation and declare it and God will confirm them. The enemy you don’t conquer/fight will conquer you. God desires you enjoy His glory; because He has ordained us to manifest His glory, Isaiah 34:8

Prophetic Release: in this month of February nothing will fail in your hand.

  • In this month of February nothing will go out of control in your hands.
  • In this month of February, your blessings are released.
  • The Lord will fight those are fighting you.

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