Being Daddy- Hope Aguonye

Hope Aguonye

Slowly, he paced back and forth the hall way, then a little fast, and then, really fast. He began panting like he just finished a marathon. He was sweating profusely even though the small hall way had two air conditioners. He was so confused that he saw his cell ring but he couldn’t take the calls; not that he meant to ignore the calls, but he didn’t even know his phone was ringing. It was his first time. He is going to be a dad. He felt great pain in his heart because he is conversant with stories usually told by older men and women about their experiences. Soon the doctor came out and he gave him the news. His emotions ran high, he couldn’t contain it, he dropped on his knees, tears ran down his cheeks; tears of joy. His wife just had a baby. No, two babies actually. His wife just had twins. A boy, and a girl.
As he stood up to go into the ward, to welcome his family, he was shaky; his legs could barely carry his weight. He got to his “jewel” as he calls her, kissed her passionately on the forehead and stared at the little pumpkins; aww! They were adorable. They laid there barely moving. He watched as they breathe. He held the tiny fingers then he smiled and whispered to himself, I am a “dad”. I am a father. That moment, priceless.

Ify has just become a dad. That is the one out of a million other stories. The joy of becoming a dad equals nothing. It is immeasurable, priceless and no doubt, one of the greatest things in a man’s life. From that very moment you hear “it’s a girl” or “it’s a boy”. Everything changes; your life style, the way you talk, walk, eat, drink, hang out with friends, the kinds of friends you hang out with and most importantly, you are careful of what you do or say in the presence of the kids because you know they are watching.

Being a father stretches far beyond being the “money bag” of the family. A father is like an umbrella. You are a covering, a protector, a role model, a caregiver, counselor, a life coach, a friend, name it, while of course instilling discipline in the children. I can go on and on, the list is endless. You have to be physically and emotionally present for your kids. If you have male children for instance, you teach them to play soccer, basketball, and or tennis. You teach them to be able to “man up” to responsibilities in and around the house. If you are blessed with female children, you have to show her you can be her protector, and a financier.

Apart from being the “best dad” in the world, you have to be the everyday man; the one that helps the wife around the house; change diapers, nurse the child, lull the child to sleep, read them bed time stories and most importantly, creates time out of your busy schedule to do their homework with them, watch their favorite cartoon or play their favorite video game with them. But, it is a pity that with the hustle in the world, we focus so much on material things that we pay “less” attention to those “little” things that matters a lot; the little things that make a house a home.

If in your life time, you are lucky enough to be a dad, cherish every single moment you spend doing that job because, that is actually what life is about; LOVE, and there is no purer love than that between a father and a child. The fulfillment it brings makes life worth living.


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