The Church Needs Christ- Josiah Gospel

josh ConsultMy pen is to paper again not to criticize, condemn or ridicule but to expose the untapped riches in exploring insightful alternatives in soul winning.

Every good student of the bible must be aware now that these are the last days and according to books of Joel, Isaiah and Malachi, we would understand that the endtime church is ordained to exalt the name of Jesus as the church is growing. Matthew 16:18 clearly shows us that God is the builder of the church but then Luke 2:10 explains further that we are to enter into the harvest field and bring in the multitude by the evangelism.

Now it seems the church have understood what it takes and how to win souls but the greatest challenge there is “sustaining the souls won”. Acts 2:44-47 shows us how the disciples were able to grow from just 120 to 3,120 and they applied the approach necessary at the time.

Now i am forced to ask, is it that the Christians today do not understand that we must seek divine understanding to apply necessary approach to retaining souls saved?

How do you hope to keep a secular singer who you won into the church when you don’t give him a platform to grow his/her God given talent. Don’t tell me he should join the choir, beyond ministering on the alter is it a sin to be able to affect lives beyond just your local church???

How do you want to keep a dancer who knows only to dance when in the church, dancing is a sin?

How do you want to keep a poet whose works are considered ungodly and not encouraged to write for God in love???

The list is endless as you know it but the point is clear, let’s grow beyond the myopic understanding of religion and begin to understand the kind of love that Jesus taught during His time on earth. The kind of Christianity Jesus taught and practiced are actually not understood or practiced in the church today but rather a selective gospel of doctrines that actually chase even believers (babes in Christ) out of the Church.

May God help us all!!!


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