Special Miracle Service: Understanding the Ultimate Purpose of Prayer & Fasting pt. 2- Emmanuel Mbagwu

IMG_1306.pngWhen the purpose of a thing is not known abuse is inevitable. When the purpose is understood it can stick for life. Nehemiah 1:4, Esther 4:16

Why Prayer & Fasting?

  • Encounter with new wine- Luke 5:36-38
  • It facilitates outbreak of revelation which triggers special miracles- Isaiah 58:8
  • For Empowerment- Luke 4:14, when you are empowered the devil becomes afraid of you. Without power in you your Christianity is in doubt.

How do I secure my Miracle/Healing?

Before you get anything from God, you must fulfill your part so can step in.

  • Faith– your faith must come alive in the place of miracle. Your faith must be full and charged; believe in God that He can do anything and everything for you when He steps into your situation Luke 8:48.
  • Believe in divine mystery– even when you think the challenge is still there believe He has done it already because the magnitude of your belief in Him triggers the speed of the manifestation Acts 19:11-12. If you doubt the mystery you have successfully decided not to receive your miracle. The moment you doubt, God steps away
  • Constant feeding on the word- Acts 20:22, Jeremiah 30:17, John 3:3 if you don’t have enough of God’s word you may not be able to challenger the fiery darts of the enemy. You need to continually feed on the word.

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