One Night with the King: Engaging the Spirit of Revelation- David Oyedepo Jnr.


Every prophecy is a declaration of divine intention. Intention does not equal manifestation until conditions are met. God is a God of speed. God is the custodian of divine speed. The world was created in 6days.

  • God’s word made this world.
  • God’s word carries inbuilt capacity for divine speed, Psalm 147:15
  • God’s word operates with speed Hebrews 11:3, John 1:1-5 whatever God can do His word can do also, Ephesians 3:20, Ezekiel 12:24-25, Isaiah 55:11

We can command divine speed from the altar of prayers Genesis 24:12 when you engage the God of speed, He puts things under pressure to work for you, 1 Kings 18:21-24/44. Isaiah 58:6/8, Job 33:21-25.

How do I provoke divine speed?

To everything about God there is a pattern.

  • Divine speed is largely triggered by revelation– if you want to go faster you must see clearer, Isaiah 60:1-3/22, you cannot have revelation and lose relevance, Jeremiah 1:11-12. When you see the word well, you speed the word up. The better you see the quicker it is delivered. If you don’t like the direction of your life, change the level of light influx into your life.
  • The hand of God is what engenders divine speed but faith is what brings the hand of God to bare on a man’s life– 1 Kings 18:46 when God’s hand is upon a man, that man does not move at men’s pace but at God’s pace- Godspeed. Godspeed is a product of God’s hand, Isaiah 53:1. Don’t believe your circumstances or what men think about you, believe His word, Mark 10:27.
  • It is revelation that triggers faith– Romans 10:17 understanding is what we call revelation. It is not enough to hear the word of God, it is more important to have the word of God revealed to you, Jeremiah 1:11-12, Acts 8:26-35. When revelation comes, acceleration is natural because faith is provoked and when faith is provoked the hand of God is released.
  • The brighter we see the greater the speed of delivery we enjoy– Genesis 13:14-15 until you see it you can’t speed it. The capacity of your destiny is at the mercy of the brightness of your light. The brightness of your light determines the dimension of speed you enjoy.

Revelation is a necessity, the Spirit of revelation is our access, Ephesians 1:17-18, 1 Corinthians 2:9-10

There is no treasure that is found on the surface but in the deep; if you read the bible on the surface you won’t find any treasure, Isaiah 60:5, Ephesians 5:26. The treasures in God are not accessible without the Holy Spirit, 2 Corinthians 3:18. The Holy Ghost is your greatest assistance in your pursuit of revelation, Job 33:24, Isaiah 30:21. Everything in God’s presence is saying something but not everybody is seeing and that is why we need the Spirit of revelation. There is something to see in everything Psalm 19:2.


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