More Fun Than You Ever Had- Kenneth Copeland

KennethCopelandIf you are wondering why things are going to be all right in your life when they are going so wrong everywhere else, it’s because, as a believer, you’re in covenant with God. You’re called, appointed and anointed to be a distributor of His blessings. You’re divinely commissioned to bring help to a hurting world.

“But Brother Copeland, I don’t have anything to give!”

That’s not true. Second Corinthians 9:10 says that Jesus “ministereth seed to the sower….” The word minister there is an important word. It refers to “someone who is appointed to administer or manage something for the good of someone else.” It can be used to refer to the administrator of a trust fund or the executor of an estate. A minister uses what’s entrusted to him to improve the life and situation of another.

Jesus is the High Priest or the High Administrator of the Body of Christ. He is the executor of God’s wealth, which belongs to us through our covenant with Him. We are the priests (Revelation 1:6) who operate under His authority and minister that wealth to others as He directs.

The Bible assures us that Jesus, as our High Priest, has already ministered to us something we can give. So, no matter how financially strapped you may be, you still have enough to bless some- one. If it’s not in your bank account, it might be in the back of your closet. If it’s not in your wallet, it might be in your attic.

Actually, everything you do and every word you say can become a ministering seed. Just by purposing to do it, you can be a blessing to everyone with whom you come in contact. You can find ways to prosper people wherever you go.

When you’re staying in a hotel, for instance, don’t gather up all the tiny soap bars and shampoo bottles and stick them in your suitcase. Although they’re included in the price of the room, you won’t ever use them. But the hotel proprietor will. So bless him with them. Sow them back into his business and be a minister of his prosperity.

Do that kind of thing all the time. Always be on the lookout for ways to encourage people. Smile at them. Tell them you appreciate them. Minister love, kindness and joy to them.

Before you leave the house in the morning, say, “Lord, I’m Your minister today. I am a minister of salvation to those who want to receive You as Lord. I am a minister of healing to the sick. I am a minister of finances, bread and goodness. I am anything You need me to be.”

When you start living with that attitude it doesn’t take long for your life to absolutely turn around. The minute you truly start seeking first God’s kingdom and His righteousness, living by faith and love, you are well on your way to always having.

You’re also about to have more fun than you’ve ever had in your life.


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