Covenant Hour of Prayers- Bishop David Oyedepo


God has come down to launch us into realms of exceeding glory this year both as a church and as individuals. 2 Corinthians 4:17 the demands of this season is not compared with the exceeding eternal weight of glory. Nothing of value is free. Following God casually gives you a casually gives you a casual experience, Matthew 4:19 the harder we follow Him the higher we fly Psalm 63:8. Every good thing is at a good cost. Nobody every sits down to win a race. Following Jesus makes people, following His instructions turns people around. Make this season your most important season let every instruction turn you on, Matthew 16:24. God can do anything for you in one day.

In a track race only the first three are chosen. People who make things are determined. Your casual approach till date must be responsible for the casual experience you have had since the year began. Every divine agenda depends absolutely on God for delivery, 1 Kings 8:15 but our engagement in the process is absolutely to our advantage, Jeremiah 30:19-21. God is not looking for who to use, but for who to bless. There is no tenable explanation for anyone who does not take part of His agenda to be blessed of the process Isaiah 59:16God cannot be stranded by man’s disobedience. God does not need your vote or my vote to fulfill His agenda. Luke 19:39-40 there is no reaction of man that can stop God’s plan. Every divine agenda depends absolutely on God for delivery but then He gives us opportunity to be blessed by being part of the process, Matthew 6:33.


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