Second One Night with the King: Understanding covenant steps to fulfillment of Prophecy- Bishop David Oyedepo


img_1226God never draws anyone except to bless Him, Psalm 65:4. Our level of spiritual understanding of the truth is what determines our level of profitability form the truth, Matthew 13:23. Proverbs 21:16 understanding is very key in this our journey; lack of understanding makes a believer look like an unbeliever. We must understand how the prophetic works so we don’t get frustrated in the process.

The prophetic are ordained to engender signs– Psalm 74:9 a sign is confirmation of the prophetic word, Isaiah 44:26 the prophetic word sets the stage for signs and wonders, Genesis 10:18, Isaiah 8:18. Prophets are God’s triggers for signs. When God speaks, He speaks out of this world kind of things. Everything God is saying about you are triggers for signs and wonders, all you need do is to believe.

Prophecies are not religious wishes, motivational speeches, scientific predictions, but they are the unfolding of divine agenda, Joshua 21:45. God’s word reveals God’s general agenda for us, but His prophets reveal the times and specifics for each and every one of us, Isaiah 12:24.

Prophecies carry inbuilt capacity for self-fulfillment– Luke 1:24-25, John 6:62 all you need do is believe. Every prophetic word carries the over shadowing power of God to see it through. You don’t bother yourself about the hour or how He is going to do it, Ecclesiastes 11:5. Allow God have His way in your life, don’t bother cracking your brain how it will work.

God speaks according to what He can do and will do– Genesis 22:17, 1Kings 8:15 God is not speaking for us to get something done, He is speaking to tell us what He can do and will do

God speaks according to His capacity to perform not in our ability to respond 2 Kings 7:1-2/20 it is foolishness to bother about God for He is the Almighty. Luke 1:37

God speaks according to His integrity– Numbers 23:19, Matthew 24:35, Hebrews 6:18

Another important aspect of the Prophetic is that Prophetic words are seeds 1 Peter 1:23 God’s word is a spiritual seed Luke 8:11, 2 Peter 1:19 the word of God is the more sure word of prophecy. If prophetic words are seeds, then they must be cultivated before they can bear fruits of fulfillment. Therefore prophetic words must be received in our hearts, nurtured as a seed according to the word so they bear fruits of fulfillment. To cultivate the prophetic word we must believe it, receive it and subscribe to the requirement/demand thereof, Proverbs 4:20-22. If you scorn the prophetic word you miss it. The prophetic word you don’t receive will never be fulfilled in your life. You don’t subscribe to the demand, the fulfillment therefore is not in view. Every prophetic word comes with specific demands on our lives. If you are not ready to serve God, then you are not ready to receive any reward from Him, John 17:5 there are demands for anyone that wants to walk in the prophetic successfully.

The things of the kingdom don’t work by mere wishes, Philippians. Don’t let circumstances erode the validity of the prophetic word on your life

Prophetic words are for set times– Genesis 21:2, Isaiah 34:16, Habakkuk 2:2-3, when it’s time for the prophetic word to be fulfilled, no one can even dare to stop it.

We are in time our visitation, Luke 19:44, Luke 7:16 resurrection testimonies are proof of divine visitation Isaiah 53:1, 1 Kings 18:46 when the hand of God comes upon a man, divine speed is the result.


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