Covenant Hour of Prayer: Why Pray for Supernatural Church Growth pt 4- Bishop David Oyedepo


Praying for signs and wonders amongst Gods people– signs and wonders were the core credentials of Christ and His ministry, Matthew 11:2-5. Acts 2:22 signs and wonders were His approval; His seal of approval from the Father. Signs and wonders remains a powerful tool to the church for experiencing supernatural church growth. John 4:29/39/48 signs wonders are powerful sickles of harvest; Jesus recruited His core disciples through signs and wonders, Luke 5:5-11. Signs and wonder engenders dedication. Talking down on signs and wonders will keep the church crawling in growth. Imagine the bible without signs and wonders; God’s intention is to make all His disciples signs and wonders to the world that their life will bring men to Him, John 3:8. Every child of God is ordained a sign and a wonder. Zechariah 8:22 signs and wonders are to attract people to God through me, John 10:37.

Acts 4:30-33 praying for signs and wonders are part of our Job; the early church and the Apostles prayed for signs and wonders. Signs and wonders are not to be waited for but to be prayed for. Joel 2:28-30 everything the Holy Ghost does only delivers on demand; that includes His ministry of signs and wonders Luke 11:13. It is important for us to note that we are required to pray for the manifestation of signs and wonders in our church.

Don’t expect anything to happen to you naturally again, John 3:8 he that is born of God is born to live supernatural life, Acts 9:34-35


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