Covenant Hour of Prayer: Why Pray for supernatural Church Growth pt 2- David Oyedepo Jnr.


When the purpose of a thing is not known abuse is inevitable. Church growth a is warfare and we fight this war among other things with prayers and fasting.

  • It takes the prayer of faith to move the hand of God– Isaiah 53:1, Matthew 21:22 we engage our faith in the altar of prayer to provoke the release of the arm of Gods, James 5:15. Deuteronomy 4:34 God’s hand has the capacity to take a nation out of another nation for Himself. God’s hand has the capacity to gather a nation out of this nation for Himself. It means therefore that we have to pray so that the arm of God can keep drawing in the multitude; and any one the arm of God draws cannot resist, John 6:44.
  • For God to continue adding to the church– Acts 2:47 to draw means a different thing from to add. To add means the ones were drawn are preserved and more were added; therefore to add refers to increase. The agenda of God can only be delivered by God, 1 Kings 8:15. James 1:6-8 we must stand in faith even as we stand in prayer. The good news is that there is a reward for our labour. When God rewards openly no one can deny the rewards. God does not use people, He rewards people. When God’s hand come down, it does not come down empty it comes down to fulfill His plan and with plenty blessing for those involved.

This is a year to sow into not the year to wait. Isaiah 63:4 it is in the advancement of the church that lies your advancement. When God honours you no devil can dishonor you.


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