The Place of a woman- Nneoma Wokemba

I am tired of of feminists and their ‘pro women’ campaigns trying to arrogate powers to me that I wasn’t created to have. I am a woman and I wasn’t created to do everything a man can do. Granted, I can do most things a man can do, sometimes even better but having the ability to do something is not the same as having the authority to do it. The Bible refers to me as the weaker vessel. The Bible didn’t call me a weak vessel but the weaker one. This adjective does not refer to strength but rather to power and authority. Most families including mine are built and run on the raw strength of the woman, so the strength of women is not arguable. However, the creator Himself knows the ernomous strength He put in the woman and in order to maintain order on the earth, decided to rein that power in by putting man over woman. Trust me, it takes exceptional strength to be submissive to a man, especially when you think you would do a better job of leading the family. 

Submitting to your own husband like the Bible commands doesn’t make you less of a person, it is the pathway to becoming all that God designed you to be. I know he’s a ‘fool’ and doesn’t know what he’s doing but YOU married that ‘fool’ and disobeying him will just make the ‘fool’ do more foolish things. A wise woman knows how to quietly and skillfully steer her man in the right direction. I know there are men who are downright difficult, irresponsible or immature, but generally speaking, if you handle your man well, you just might get him to do what you always knew was the right thing to do. I won’t lie to you guys, i am married and if my husband asked me to jump, I would ask him ‘How high?’. I will do that because he is my husband, my head, my covering, my priest, my commander and my protector. He cannot protect me if I have left his covering through stubbornness and disobedience. It’s not easy to be the head, taking all the hard decisions for the family and bearing the consequences if they go wrong. If he will open up to you, you will find out that he is also looking for someone to lead him, to take the crown with all it’s decision making and consequences. So give him a break. Stop trying to be equal to him in everything, you are not. Be the woman God created you to be. 

My name is Ola and I am a woman… every sense of the word.

I only pray that our men understand and never take for granted a good and submissive wife.


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