Covenant Hour of Prayers: Why Pray for church Growth pt. 1- Bishop David Oyedepo


We have discovered that prayer is a requirement for generating supernatural church growth, Ezekiel 36:37 a strong prayer platform is a required for any church to grow supernaturally Isaiah 66:7-8. No church ever witness supernatural church growth with a strong prayer altar and it comes with numerous blessings Matthew 6:33 when you pray for supernatural church growth you endear yourself for God’s favour. One of the ways to keep capacity is to treasure testimonies Psalm 78:40-43 when you forget what God does, you will be limiting Him and provoking Him Psalm 78:46 How much of what God has said can only come to you depends on how much you receive the words He has said. Build spiritual Capacity to able to receive your own delivery of God’s reservation for you.

Why pray for church growth

  • Church growth is warfare– Matthew 16:18, Matthew 17:19-21 we are building against the gates of hell. Church growth is not funfair its warfare; church growth is not techniques or principles. Therefore we must put up a fight to disarm the strongman to lose his captives Luke 11:21-22 and the goodnews is that it comes with amazing rewards, John 4:36.

Prophetic Release: It’s you week of advancement


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