1 Timothy 6:17-19. The more skilled you are at a task, the more you enjoy it. When an orchestra adeptly plays a masterpiece, an accomplished musician will derive greater pleasure from listening than would a person with an untrained ear. You might be surprised to learn the same is true of giving.

God has many reasons for us to give. First, returning a portion of our wealth to the Lord acknowledges that everything actually belongs to Him (Ps. 50:10). Second, giving is a way to demonstrate that we are obeying Him (Deut. 16:17). Third, contributing to a ministry or helping the needy is participation in kingdom work, which brings us deep joy. Fourth, our offerings are an opportunity for God to reveal His character to us and those around us; as we demonstrate generosity, He faithfully provides for our needs and blesses us abundantly (2 Cor. 9:8). Over and over again, the saying “You can’t outgive God” proves true.

Giving involves more than our money. God has blessed us with talents, time, and resources—along with plenty of opportunities to share them with others. It’s important to rely on the Holy Spirit’s guidance to know what, to whom, and how much we should give.

Remember, the Lord is continuously giving to us: salvation, comfort, encouragement, life, and countless other blessings. We’re indebted to Him and should give back, not out of obligation but with a heart of gratitude and joy (2 Cor. 9:7). Ask God to reveal any selfishness or other hindrance to sharing—and to help you become more skilled at giving.

Bible in One Year: Genesis 49-50


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