Covenant Hour of Prayer: Fundamental Benefits of Prayer & Fasting- Bishop David Oyedepo


Isaiah 45:19 there is something for you in every instruction from God. There are returns for seeking the face of God; in the place of prayer and fasting

  • Prayer and Fasting is ordained for next levels movement– Isaiah 58:6 fasting is ordained for our empowerment so we can dominate our circumstances. After Jesus returned from the mountain of prayer and fasting, He dominated the nations, Luke 4:14/37. Fasting and prayer is inscribed primarily for our spiritual empowerment so we can dominate our circumstances. Therefore, our spiritual level must grow in this season because of the empowerment we receive, Psalm 63:1-3. Psalm 66:3 it is at the altar of prayer
  • The anointing of the Holy Ghost is enhance in the Place of Prayers and fasting– the anointing is in measures and it grows through prayers and fasting. It is the anointing that breaks yokes therefore, as you increase in anointing every generational curse, oppression of the devil come to an end at once, Isaiah 20:27.

Prayer: Father, anoint me so that no curse or yoke shall have no power in my life.

Father, destroy everything resisting my change of levels.

Lord, by the Holy Ghost, sanctify my body worthy of the new wine, Proverbs 1:23, Luke 5:37-39

Instruction: Get a prayer workbook so that you can articulate what you praying for; when a new insight on how to handle the issues.

Ambiguity does not work with God. God only answers to specifics. If you are not specific you may never see answers to prayers; you can pray 100years and not see any result.


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