Workers Forum 2016: WHY PRAY FOR SUPERNATURAL CHURCH GROWTH- David Oyedepo Jnr.


Isaiah 66:7-8 Prayer and fasting is a requirement for Church Growth. There is nothing that is impossible when prayer is engaged. Prayer is an indispensable factor in the subject of Church growth Acts 6:4-7. Prayer is the travail that brings about the multiplication of the church. Until the church groan in prayers, the church does not grow in numbers.

  • Church growth is warfare– Matthew 16:18, Psalm 127:1 it is the commitment to prayers that brings about our victory against the gates of hell 2 Peter 2:5, Acts 6:4-7, Matthew 17:21
  • The Holy Spirit who is the Lord of the harvest will only manifest Himself through prayers– Luke 11:13 we engage the Holy Ghost on the altar of prayers Acts 2:2,6,41, Numbers 11:31, Isaiah 5:26
  • In order to see signs and wonders– signs and wonders are a powerful sickle of harvest John 4:48 are one of the fundamental factors for provoking faith in the heart of people Acts 4:23-29. The answers to resistance is the presence of signs and wonders Acts 5:1214. God uses His wonders as supernatural advertisers of His gospel Hebrews 6:12.
  • For the establishment of new converts in the faith– Colossians 4:12 the winning of a soul is not the end of the engagement is only the beginning; the establishment of the soul won is the end of the engagement Galatians 4:19. We must stand on the altar of prayers knowing that when an evil spirit leaves a man he tries to come back. We must take responsibility to pray saved souls into establishment.
  • It takes the word of God to sustain supernatural church growth– 2 Thessalonians 3:1, Ephesians 6:19 the word of God answers only to prayers. Acts 6:7, Acts 19:20. We can pray the
  • For needs to be met– Philippians 1:19 we must recognize that when we pray for the captivity of others to be turned, God also turns around our captivity, Job 42:10.

Praying kingdom advancement prayers brings us into favour with God, and when a man is in favour with God, every aspect of his life experiences supernatural touch from God, Psalm 102:13-15

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