The Tools of Effective Prayers- Paul Eneche

SCRIPTURE: ‘After this manner pray ye, our father, which art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name’. – Matthew 6:9.
THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Prayer tools are tools that help one pray correctly and effectively.
God created us in order to commune with Him (Mark 3:13-14). One of the most potent weapons of communication with God is Prayer (Philippians 4:6). To pray effectively therefore, prayer tools are needed. Prayer tools are tools that help one pray correctly and effectively. Just as tools ease work, prayer tools aid you to pray well.
What then are the tools that make prayer effective? What are the tools that guarantee precision, excellence and eliminate sweat and toil in prayer?
1. The revelation of the Word.
2. Atmosphere of worship.
3. A listening or hearing attitude.
4. Faith expectation; come before God with faith and expectation.
5. Availability of Scripture and scriptural aids; always be in possession of a Bible and a concordance if possible.
6. The testimonies of previous acts of God either for you or someone else.
7. Writing tools/writing materials; always have a pen and paper in your possession in order to write down what God reveals.
8. Persistence in the spirit. This is praying and not giving up until the answer comes.
9. A vision of the expected outcome.
As you use each of these tools, I decree ease and effectiveness in your prayer life in Jesus’ Name.
Remember this: Prayer tools are tools that help one pray correctly and effectively. 
1. Go through the passage again.
2. Use each of these tools when you pray.
PRAYER: O LORD, shift my prayer life to the next level, help me to pray effectively. Give me the discipline LORD to pray with each of the prayer tools in Jesus Name.
QUOTE: When we come into His presence, nothing else is needed for us to encounter Him; He is more than enough. Every other form of furniture or equipment becomes irrelevant. Culled from THE PROTOCOL OF THE ARK by Dr Becky Enenche.
DAILY READING: Genesis 8:1 to 10:32, Matthew 4:12 to 25, Psalm 4:1 to 8, Proverbs 1:20 to 23.

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