#2016crossoverservice Update: Bishop David Oyedepo

the message below are excerpts from this night’s 2016 crossover service as taught by Bishop David Oyedepo


Deuteronomy 18:21-22 the biblical proof of a true Prophet is the one who declares it and it is performed. You don’t train to become a Prophet, you are called into the Prophetic. A prophet is ordained a mouth piece of God and God never lies, He cannot deny Himself. Everything He said to us in 2015 came to pass and anything He says to us this night shall come to pass in 2016. Isaiah 43:19, the year 2015 shall be a year of new things for you!

Everyone redeemed by Christ is ordained to shine from Glory to Glory- more and more not more and less. He has not designed ups and downs for us, but He has designed everything to move up and up for us. Therefore all through 2016, nothing goes down in your life, Psalm 84:7. If you successfully carry His presence, you must grow from strength to strength.

Forces Responsible for moving from Glory to Glory

  • Force of revelation– Isaiah 60:1- by revelation we are empowered for flight. 2Corinthians 3:18, Daniel 11:32. Nothing empowers a flight like revelation. The dominion of light over darkness is eternally unquestionable.
  • Force of Wisdom– Matthew 6:29- Wisdom is the facilitator of the Glory of God. Matthew 7:24 “wisdom is putting God’s word to work…”. For instance, to be prosperous you must engage in financial stewardship, to excel you require hardwork and commitment. Wisdom is not common sense, intellectual sense or bible sense, it is simply putting God’s word to work.

Romans 11:33, there is no end to revelation or wisdom

  • Force of Faith– John 11:23- Faith is a spiritual facilitator of God’s word. 2016 is a year of personal responsibility for maximum delivery, Isaiah 51:2. If you don’t see God’s glory in 2016, you are to blame. If 2016 comes and goes like every other year for you, you yourself are to blame.
  • As we grow in revelation we scale new heights Isaiah 60:1, 22
  • As we grow in wisdom we grow in impact 1Kings 4:29-32 Wisdom creates impact. Daniel 2:46, Genesis 41:36-39
  • As we grow in the anointing we grow in exploits, Isaiah 61:1-4, Ezekiel 47:1-5, John 3:34
  • As we grow in love, we are filled with all the fullness of God. As we grow in love we keep springing new surprises

The year 2016 shall be a year of breaking the limits, breaking new grounds and scaling new heights. Whatever you don’t demand you don’t deserve, Deuteronomy 33:18-23, James 4:2, John 17:1


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