Associate with positive people- Faith Oyedepo

“I am a companion of all them that fear thee, and of them that keep thy precepts.”-Psalms 119:63


Back then in my school days, I used to know someone that always had complain about everyone. Although no one is perfect, but with her it’s a different ball game. No one was ever up to her standard and everyone including her close friends, always had a negative story attached to their names. At a point, I would judge them based on what this person had said about them, not until I discovered that the challenge was not exactly with them, but this particular person.

You see, there are people that are always negative about everyone and everything. To them, their ideas and ways are the most perfect and anything contrary to what they feel, is wrong. With such people, it would be wise not to take seriously their words, without first verifying. So many people have fallen victim of inferiority complex or not going after their dreams because someone they feel relevant to them has criticised them.
Your association goes a long way in affecting how you feel about yourself. The comments of others can drastically affect your thinking, and the way you see yourself. The association you keep determines the kind of words you speak of yourself. This is why you need to guide your mind jealously by guarding against negative company. Look for those who will promote the good in you with love and a sense of true friendship.

The truth is: Positive people have a way of fertilizing your heart with words capable of feeding your faith, thereby enhancing your self-esteem. And a positive self-esteem helps you to live a distinguished life. So, you must guide against anything or anyone that would hamper your esteem. Therefore, choose wisely by surrounding yourself with positive and faith-filled thinkers today.

Remain Blessed!


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