Do you have a spare time?-Faith Oyedepo


“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:” -Ecclesiastes 3:1-

Some people complain after months or years of marriage of their spouse not having enough time for them. Some may say it is the stress of taking care of a child or more, some may accord the busy schedule to their jobs and others, their diverse ambitions. However, whatever the case may be, we must create time for those we claim to love, especially members of our family.

Creating time really doesn’t cost much; it just entails prioritization and sacrifices. That is, arranging your activities with in order of importance, to ensure that there is adequate time allotted to those that are most dear to you. No matter how busy my day is, I still create time to listen and be there for my family. It doesn’t mean that some other important things might not be left out; it just means that I understand the things are most worth sacrificing for, and your spouse and family should make the top of that list.

Do you know that some challenges would have been better resolved if only you had spared the time? Some relationships wouldn’t be as sour as they are, if those involved would have put in just a little more time together. The truth is: As important as that contract, business or job is to you, it cannot replace your spouse or family. So, you must learn to create a balance that would accommodate adequate time to build your family.
More so, creating the time for your family is not just for outings and leisure, it is mostly to share oneness. It is an opportunity to build and reenergise friendship. Therefore, today, seek time to listen to that need of your spouse, ask him or her questions that you often don’t remember to ask, revive the experiences you probably had during courtship or just seek to do something extraordinary for him or her. Remember, marriage entails much more of giving, so give your time today.

Remain Blessed!


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