#Shilo2015 Live Update: Impartation Service- Bishop David Oyedepo

this message are excerpts from the Impartation Service and final prophetic release of Bishop Daivd Oyedepo at #Shiloh2015


They were speaking boldly to the world, not piously or religiously and God went out to confirm their words. How you speak matters to what comes out of it. There is a time to cry and a time to speak. Every encounter with the word of God requires a thirst, Isaiah 44:3, Isaiah 41:17-18. What the power of God does among other things is to change people’s status. Deuteronomy 18:22. Every day is God’s day, the day you believe is your day. It is great grace that makes grace 1Corinthians 15:10. The anointing of the Holyghost is what is described as grace, Acts 4:33. Salt is sorted after because of its importance to human health and God has made us by redemption the salt of the earth Matthew 5:13-15. By redemption we carry the genes of greatness, impact, extraordinary accomplishment, Matthew 11:11. By redemption every child of is ordained a greater than Solomon, Matthew 12:42, John 17:18. Revelation 22:16 we are redeemed to be kingdom stars.

All these magnificent potentials will be dead except stirred up by the Spirit of God.


Shiloh 2015 shall culminate in the rise of giants the world has never seen before, Revelation 5:10. We carry royal genes- dominion- by redemption. There must be the quickening of those potentials before they can be actualized James 2:26.

  • The Spirit of Servant-hood; the covenant highway to greatness- Luke 22:25-27, Philippians 2:5-11, Isaiah 42:1. It empowers people for delight-some stewardship. Stewardship refers to serving God’s interest on the earth with delight. The Spirit of servant-hood guarantees steadfastness of stewardship. The Spirit of servant-hood subdues the forces of discouragement, Isaiah 42:12, Luke 22:28-30. Anybody serving the interest of His Master is servant, you don’t have to be a Pastor, Job 1:8, Daniel 6:20, Isaiah 41:8. The Spirit of servant-hood is one of the Spiritual forces for actualizing your potentials in Christ, Luke 2:36-37. Prayer is an open platform for stewardship- kingdom advancement prayers, Matthew 6:6, Matthew 6:17. You have unlimited platform to demonstrate where your heart is in stewardship, Isaiah 65:25. Confession of your faith is children church teaching, professing your faith through your lifestyle is stewardship. If you serve Him, He will give you whatever you are due for when you are due for it, Malachi 3:17-18. You have to take responsibility of your stewardship not assume it.
  • The Spirit of Love- 2Timothy 1:7, Romans 5:5 the Spirit of Love is what turns a believer to a living wonder. Many loves things- their Pastor, the choir, the church building… Every anointed lover of God ends up a living wonder, John 21:16-17, 1Corinthians 2:9, John 14:21. The Spirit of love is manifested in delight-some obedience, 1John 5:3 Ezekiel 36:27. The Spirit of love constrains you to align with divine instruction. The love of God makes you indestructible 1John 4:16. Dwelling in love is walking in the supernatural, naturally Ephesians 3:17-20, Exodus 15:11- doing wonders is what makes God, God; dwelling in love is dwelling in God and dwelling in God makes us wonder. Walking in love makes you a walking miracle. The Spirit of love grants you natural access to the deep things of God, John 15:15, 1Corinthians 2:10, 2Peter 1:3.
  • The Spirit of Faith- 2Corinthians 4:13 the Spirit of faith is the Spirit of exploits. All the heroes of scriptures are heroes of faith. Every new chapter God will every open in your life requires the Spirit of faith to walk in it. The Spirit of faith empowers you to believe all things, Acts 24:14. Every of your next level in life will require faith. You need the Spirit of faith to actualize your potentials in Christ. The Spirit of faith acts without reservation, Acts 3:6. The Spirit of Faith is the Spirit of Dominion, Daniel 6:23, Ephesians 6:6. The Spirit of faith is an authoritative speaking Spirit. What faith speaks, God confirms because He cannot deny Himself, Luke 1:5. The Spirit of faith is an energizer, Hebrews 11:11. The Spirit of faith is an energizer of our total being- spirit, soul and body. Daniel 3:16, Deuteronomy 34:7, the Spirit of faith never bows to defeat or threat. The Spirit of faith despises challenges, Numbers 13:30. The Spirit of faith sees opportunities in problems because champions are made out of challenges. Celebrate your challenges by engaging the Spirit of faith for your victories.

God is doing something in these last days Malachi 4:5-6.God is restoring fathers to sons for the purpose of transmitting trans-generational virtues. It takes son-ship to share the virtues of a father. Established son-ship grants you automatic DNA to the father, 2Kings 6:21 Prophets are ordained Spiritual fathers to those whom they sent if they receive them so, Matthew 10:41, Isiah 29:13. Genesis 2:17,24-25. You must produce after your roots otherwise your claim is fake.

This is the final message excerpt from #shiloh2015 but expect more updates from us. By God’s grace the audio messages of the entire #shiloh2015 will be available for free download alongside a host of other messages from January 1, 2016.

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