#shiloh2015 Live Updates: Understanding the wonders of Spiritual Stewardship Pt 3-Bishop David Abioye

the message below are excerpts from today’s #hourofvisitation second message Bishop David Abioye


1Corinthians 3:9 we are privileged to labourers with God, not just laboring for Him- this establishes the understanding of the word Partnership. It is your stake that determines your take. You cannot take from a place you don’t have a stake. Your labour in the kingdom entitles you to take. Everyone is rated according to the quantity and quality of their investement. You determine you recognition in the kingdom by your investment. Even our prayers are answered according to our investment- Luke 1:8-13. It is the level of your stake in kingdom stewardship that determines the quality of your take.


  • Provokes the flow of signs and wonders– those who are sent by God to serve Him are always enjoying signs and wonders. Stewardship turns people to signs and wonders. Stewards are commanders of signs and wonders, stewards are custodians of signs and wonders Mark 16:15, 20. Signs and wonders is the natural heritage of stewards. If you are a gospel bearer you become a power carrier. Acts 19:11-12, Acts 27:23, 1Corithians 15:10 when you are in partnership with God you become as God is 1Corinthians 3:9.
  • Guarantees Supernatural Breakthrough– everyone serving God is entitled to breakthroughs Luke 5:1-8. As the Apostles continued their partnership with God they commanded breakthroughs Psalm 92:14, Malachi 3:16-18, Malachi 4:1-2. When you serve Him you become precious.
  • Engenders Divine Health– when you serve God, you come to the class of God 2Corinthians 5:19-20; therefore if God cannot be sick you cannot be sick. When we are in service; particularly in soul winning we are representing God- ambassadors of Christ. Proverbs 13:17, John 15:1-2. For as long as you are a fruitful branch you cannot fail to receive supply from the vine Exodus 23:24-25. If you are useful you will remain healthy. James 5:14, Isiah 38:1-6, 2Chronicles 29:3. You can’t put God at first and He allows you lie down in a hospital bed.
  • Entitles us to the honour of God– partnership with God gives you access to His honour. Inside honour is dignity, acceptability, favour. Proverbs 27:18 Honour is the entitlement of stewards. The disciples enjoyed the same honour as Jesus John 12:26. Serving Jesus entitles you to Jesus honour. You can’t miss your honour serving God.

Colossians 3:23-24 God sees your HEART before He notices your ACT. Men may commend your act only God approves and rewards your heart. The pastor may commend you but God will reward you.

stay tuned for more live updates from #shiloh2015. Stay blessed.

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