#Shiloh2015 Live Updates: Ministers Conference Pt 2- Bishop David Oyedepo

the message below are excerpts from the first ever Ministers conference Day 2 at #shiloh2015


Romans 12:11, Hebrews 6:12 until you are willing to do what others have done to get the results that they got, you are not ready for that result yet. Except the pastor takes charge of the cell system it will not work.

We are in the last days, the days of church flow not just church growth, Micah 4:1-2, Acts 2:16-17. We are in the later part of the last days- the center of the center of explosive church growth. The devil tries to stop us by making us stand with our opinion notwithstanding the testimonies of others. The church is not an institution but a family. If the church is a family, then there must be a system that gives everybody a natural feeling of belonging; this is where the cell system comes in. we need to prove that we can cater for the multitude God is sending to us. God will never commit to any man what he has not been proved for. You maintain a healthy church through an effective system- giving everyone a sense of belonging. God works in the future. Nobody will ever be entrusted with a super-mega church without an effective cell system. The cell system is a nonnegotiable requirement for a supernatural church growth. Cell system is a Holyghost initiative from the birth of the church, Acts 5:42. The church is going to the era of daily fellowship; where every home remains on fire for God. In the church we teach them, in the home we touch.

The church needs people who will encourage them and uplift them in their down times and that is where the cell system comes in. the cell system is the platform that guarantees healthy church growth. The cell system is God’s idea Acts 7:38, Exodus 18:14-24. You can have the church of three thousand and be carrying the burden of a church of one million until it wears you out. The growth of the church won’t dig your grave if you know what to do, Deuteronomy 34:7. Except the one controlling the congregation takes responsibility, it will not work; the cell system.

When you know why you are doing anything, you become committed to it. One of the ways to prepare for what God is doing in this era of church inflow is the cell system. God will never take you to where you are prepared for. You don’t close a church because of little mistakes, realize, correct and keep moving. Don’t disappoint God by emphasizing the wrong, celebrate Him for the good/right. As you see challenges along the way, don’t shut down the cell system that is the devil trying to check the strength of your knowledge and to shake you off.

Encourage the helpers don’t discourage them. Don’t use negative examples to discourage your helpers, look for the good examples and encourage them with it. If the church you are Pastoring a Church and by next year it does not grow minimum twice its present size then you have failed.


stay tuned for more live updates from #shiloh2015. Stay blessed.

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