#shiloh2015 Live Updates: Understanding the wonders of Spiritual Stewardship-Bishop David Abioye

the message below are excerpts from today’s first message Bishop David Abioye

Serving God is God’s wisdom for our desired change of story Luke 5:1-8. God cannot use you and you end up useless. If your life looks useless, give it to Jesus to use. Nothing makes a fulfilled life like serving God 2Chronicles 15:12-15 Serving God to us should be an issue of life and death. Serving God is the key to rest.

Who is a servant?

“A servant of God is one who is serving the interest of God, one is overwhelmed with the desires of God” Genesis 26:24.

“A Man of God is one who is manning things for God” Matthew 6:33.

“A servant is a God addict”

You cannot be addicted to God and miss your additions. You cannot carry God on your head and become the tail. Get addicted to God to secure your addition from God. Rev 1:6. New birth is a call to kingship and priesthood. As kings we are royalty but as priests we must demonstrate loyalty. The quality of loyalty determines the quality of your royalty.

God never call leaders, He calls servants and makes leaders of them when they have fully served. Sonship gives you access to inheritance but servanthood gives you access to rewards which is superior. Real leaders are glorified servants; they have stewardship in their blood. Status equals to status, title ties people down, stop behaving the leader start serving. Real leaders are known by their services not their positions. You are a balloon leader and you will soon burst if you are not a servants.

Moses the great was a servant- Numbers

David the great was a servant

Avenues for serving God

By praying kingdom promotion prayers

In soul winning

Serving God with our time, skills Deuteronomy 10:12, 11:13, Matthew 22:37-38

Benefits of Serving God

  • “If you give God your time, He will give you His life- length of days” Psalm 92:13
  • “Give God your strength and He will give you Health” Isaiah 38:1
  • “If you serve Him with your brain He will give you wisdom”
  • Long life Exodus 24:23-25

The number one criteria for serving God is being available.

stay tuned for more live updates from #shiloh2015. Stay blessed.

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